The Little School

One of the integral parts of Šibenska Narodna Glazba (The Community Band of Šibenik) is The Little School where over 30 students currently attend music lessons. Our school is open for everyone who wants to learn how to play an instrument and play in the band whether they are children or adults.

The Little School aims to provide quality musical education through best traditional practices adapted to the modern times.

The school is in continuous development. Teachers and current members of the band put a lot of effort, but we are always looking to improve our financial frame.

The Little School consists of following departments:

Brass Section lead by Nikolah Dongovski – professor of trombone

Instruments: trumpet, tuba, baritone, tenor, trombone, horn

Woodwind Section lead by Domagoj Bujas, first chair of the band and Boris Plazibat, professor of clarinet and saxophone

Instruments; clarinet, sax (alt, tenor, baritone and soprano)

Percussion section lead by Božidar Lapov, first chair percussionist of the band

Instruments: big drum, little drum, bongos, timpani, drum set, plates and other percussions


Once we manage to collect financial means to purchase a vibraphone, we will open a program for vibraphone, xylophone and marimba


The Little School works with students at least twice a week in the orchestra building.

Everyone interested can write to or call at 098506498.

Board members overseeing the Little School are Gordana Pavić, professor of piano and Marijan Kuvačić, professor of trumpet.