About Us

Šibenska Narodna Glazba (The Community Band of Šibenik) was founded in 1848.

It has given over 12 500 performances during its 175  years of existence.

Šibenska Narodna Glazba (The Community Band of Šibenik) represented Croatia at the 15th, 16th, and 17th editons of the World Music Contest (WMC) in the Netherlands. There it won two gold medals,one silver, and one bronze in the festival band section.

The band has performed at 45 international music festivals, in 18 European countries.

Its audience counted many prominent figures, including notable heads of state and religious leaders: the Austro-Hungarian King and Emperor Franz Joseph I, Alexandra, Queen of Great Britain, King Alexander I of Yugoslavia, King Edward VIII, King of Great Britain and Emperor of India, Josip Broz Tito, president of Yugoslavia, Quenn Beatrix of the Netherlands, Croatian president Franjo Tuđman, and Pope John Paul II ( Vatican, 2000).

Šibenska Narodna Glazba  took part in creation of four feature films and eight documentaries. It performed at several sports events (the Mediterranean Games, the European Athletics Championships…).

In 2005, Croatian President Stjepan Mesić awarded The Band with the highest state distinction, the Charter of the Republic of Croatia.

Today, Šibenska narodna glazba is a musical association under the artistic direction of Maestro Damir Marušić. The wind orchestra is its main section. Orchestra has around 50 members, whose numbers steadily increase thanks to the influx of the “little school” alumni. The Band’s President is Jere Pancirov.