Privacy Policy

Šibenska Narodna Glazba, Street of Šibenska Narodna Glazba, No. 5; PIN (Personal Identification Number): 40632122656 (hereinafter: “ŠNG”) as a responsible organization takes care of your privacy and protection of your personal data. For this purpose we have adopted this Privacy Policy in order to inform you about the collection and usage of personal data.


Using of the website

ŠNG is the owner of the website and every time you access it, we automatically collect certain data and statistical information through our Internet servers or cookies. Among other the information, we collect: most visited and most read pages and links on our website, time spent on the website, most popular keywords that brought the user to our page, your IP address, information gathered through cookies, data about your device like hardware settings, system activity, type of search engine, etc. The purpose of such analyses is to make our website as efficient and as user-friendly as possible, and to adapt it to your needs.


To collect data, ŠNG uses:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords Remarketing
  • Facebook Pixel

Our page can have links to other websites not operated by ŠNG and, thus we hold no responsibility over them. We suggest that you inform yourself about the privacy policies of those websites to learn how they collect and use your personal data.



ŠNG uses technical and organizational security measures in order to protect your personal data. Any personal information that we are allowed to use will be end-to-end encrypted through an algorithm in order to provide maximum safety of our website, and to prevent any misuse of your data by third parties. Our security measures are continuously updated according to the latest technological standards.


Use of Cookies



A cookie is a small text file that a website stores in your computer or any other device, containing information about your visit to a particular website. Cookies are necessary to make surfing easier and user-centered and they do not damage your computer.

Although the Privacy Policy uses the general term “cookies” because they are the main means of storing data used by this website, the “local storage” of the internet search engine is used for the same purpose as cookies. All the information in this section refers to the “local storage” as well.



Cookies are a necessary part of our website. The main purpose of our cookies is to improve your surfing experience. For example, they are used to memorize your personal settings (e.g. country) while you surf the website and for your future visits. Information collected by cookies makes the improvements of the website possible by assessing the quantity and patterns of usage, relevance of the website according to the specific needs of the users, faster searches, etc. At times, if we have previously gotten your consent, we can use cookies, bookmarks and similar tools to collect information that enable us to show you ads based on your usual surfing habits whether from our website or websites of third parties or in any other way.



Information stored in cookies is used only by the Provider, except the ones described further on as “third party cookies”, and they are used and run by external legal entities so as to provide services we need in order to improve our services and user experience while surfing our website. These “third party cookies” are usually used to get access to statistics.



You can limit, block or delete cookies from this website at any moment by changing the settings of your search engine following the steps described below. Although settings are different for every search engine, cookies are usually configured in the menu under “Personal settings” or “Tools”. For additional details about cookies configuration of your internet search engine, please click “Help” of your search engine. If you want to know more about cookies and the way they are operated, you can find more information on:  or


Replying to your inquiries


The Provider pays special attention to users of our products and services. Your loyalty is extremely important to us and we would like to encourage you to communicate with us. You can reach us via e-mail on In case you contact us, there is a possibility that based on your inquiry, which is considered as your consent, and in case of complaints, based on our legitimate interest, we use your personal data to:


  • reply to your inquiry
  • deal with the possible complaint and act accordingly
  • provide you with information on our products, services or prize contests.

The personal data that we use in these cases are the ones you provided us with, and those are your name and surname, phone number, address, e-mail address, date of inquiry and nature of inquiry. The period we store your personal data for depends on the nature of your inquiry, which is dealt with in due time.

How and with whom do we share your personal data

Your personal data can be shared with government bodies upon request or with third parties that offer services of  personal data analyses as the data analysts. These service providers, as stipulated in mutual contract agreements about personal data protection, are obligated to use the disclosed information only according to our guidelines and only for the purpose agreed upon.


Your rights

In any moment you can:

  • request access to your personal data and update your personal data;
  • ask for additional information about usage of your personal data;
  • receive the personal information you gave us in structured, common and machine readable format and, wherever it is technically possible, we can transfer those data to another service provider with no obstacles if the analyses of your data is based on your consent and is done in an automated way;
  • ask for your personal data to be deleted. Since users are allowed to request only their own personal data to be deleted, in order to protect our users, we can ask to check your identity before we implement the request;
  • in case the data analysis is based on your consent, withdraw your consent with the future effect so we stop using your data. Withdrawal of your consent does not have effect on legality of data usage done prior to such withdrawal;
  • request that the extent of usage of your data be limited;
  • file a complaint about each data usage that is based on our legitimate interest, unless the reasons behind such usage overrule the rights for privacy protection of your personal data.


In case you have any questions about how your personal data is used and how you can claim your rights, please write to our e-mail:


If you suspect that your rights to protection of personal data have been breached, you can file a complaint with the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data.


Confidentiality and access to data


Šibenska Narodna Glazba is obliged by this statement to act according to the  General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), and that we will protect the confidentiality of all the personal data provided to us, and that we will use the said data only for the purposes disclosed.


Data confidentiality


We want to clearly state that when you visit our website, your data remains confidential unless you want to willingly reveal them. We are bound not to reveal, sell, nor transfer received data (except in the cases stated in GDPR).


Amendments to our  Privacy Policy

In case our Privacy Policy is amended, you will be duly informed about it on this page and the date of amendment of Privacy Policy will be updated as shown below.


Our contact information

If you want to contact us in regards to this Policy or in relation with your personal information, please use the following contact information:


Data analyst manager: Šibenska Narodna Glazba

Address: Street of Šibenska Narodna Glazba, No. 5, 22000 Šibenik



This Privacy Policy has last been amended on 10 May, 2021 and shall enter into force immediately.