Šibenska narodna glazba

Glazba je dika Šibenika

170 years of Šibenska Narodna Glazba

For the full forty years – since the day it was founded till Croatian Singing Ensemble “Krešimir” appeared – Šibenska Narodna Glazba was the only Croatian ensemble in and around the town. For the last fifty years, Šibenska Narodna Glazba has been the only community band in town and as such, it continues the tradition of nineteen brass bands that used to be active in Šibenik.

Little School

LITTLE SCHOOL is one of the most important activities of Šibenska Narodna Glazba. Its aim is to teach and educate children, young people and adults, investing into the future of the orchestra and continuing 170-year-old tradition.

LITTLE SCHOOL is open to all those who wish to expand their musical knowledge all year round.

World Champions in Music

Šibenska Narodna Glazba has won multiple awards at the international competition of concert bands and marching bands World Music Contest, held annually in Kerkrade in the Netherlands.


15th World Championship, 2005


15th World Championship, 2005


16th World Championship, 2009


17th World Championship, 2013

The Band in Action

Since it was founded 170 years ago, the orchestra has made over 12 500 public appearances. One of the major concerts was the one performed in the Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb, which you can see in this video.

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Šibenska Narodna Glazba on tour

In its long and rich history, the band has performed on 47 international festivals of concert bands, folklore festivals and parades in Croatia and 16 European countries.

Support Šibenska Narodna Glazba

The Little School and numerous other activities of Šibenska Narodna Glazba are financed solely from our own means which are never enough in culture and education.

Each donation, no matter how small, helps and supports Šibenska Narodna Glazba and allows them to continue their work and preserve the 170-year-long tradition.